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Christmas Carols for Charity in Berlin

Members and guests of Neukölln's International Choir performed many of the favourite English Christmas Carols at the annual bazaar of the Berlin Civil Servants' Building Association (BWV) in Rother Park. All of the proceeds went to charitable organisations dedicated to children and youth.

NICE-President Ingo Bathow had brought a branch of the holly plant, which is as important in British Yuletide lore as the conifers are on the Continent. As German florists have not yet discovered the holly (ilex aquifolium L.) for Christmas decorations, most listeners confused this plant with the mistletoe (viscum album L.).

The caroling service was repeated at the Albert-Schweitzer-School in Berlin-Neukölln, where the International Choir has its seat for rehearsals. Here the teachers proved quite knowledgeable and immediately identified the holly plant. Talented people in Berlin who love singing (or playing in the orchestra) in a multilingual, multicultural environment should send us an e-mail at - as the choir has a spectacular programme of English and German favourites coming up such as Handel's "Zadok" and Beethoven's "Ode to Joy".


New Year's Concert 2010 in Weisswasser

Under the baton of conductor Ingo Bathow, well-known pieces by Handel, Beethoven and Xian Xinghai delighted listeners …more

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Christmas Carols for Charity in Berlin2010
-Ingo Bathow