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Impressions from the Opera Barga Festival
from Birgit Urmson

The noted writer Birgit Urmson spends a portion of every year in a stately Renaissance palace in the historic town of Barga in Tuscany, together with her husband, John. A distinguished clientele including authors and musicians may rent the building's magnificent main storey when the owners are abroad - see


A Room of One's Own
from Birgit Urmson

The Debut of the Berlin-Brandenburg Youth Chamber Academy at the Tertianum Residence
26 young musicians and their nineteen-year-old conductor Jens Albrecht from Potsdam have fulfilled their dream of launching a full symphony orchestra complete with strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion, playing for persons in their "third stage" of life, after whom the Tertianum is named. They gave overwhelming proof not only that that classical music in Germany is alive and well, but that a new generation of exceptionally talented young musicians is already waiting in the wings.

Christmas Carols for Charity in Berlin
Members and guests of Neukölln's International Choir performed many of the favourite English Christmas Carols at the annual bazaar of the Berlin Civil Servants' Building Association (BWV) in Rother Park. All of the proceeds went to charitable organisations dedicated to children and youth. ...more
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