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Dear Friends of Music and the Arts,

VIENNA is about to salute the Asia-Pacific Weeks in Berlin in original and appropriate style with a concert by distinguished vocal and pianistic talents that have found their artistic home in Vienna. To be sure, they have all grown up far from the banks of the Danube, having been born in China. For this reason, the forthcoming premiere in the ART CENTER BERLIN, alluding to the stars in the Chinese flag, will have the title

Participants in the Masterclasses of the
Vienna Soloist Ensemble Seminar
Wednesday 12th September 2007 at 7,30 pm
Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrasse 134

For almost a generation, the outstanding personality of the ensemble, Mrs Yi CHEN, has been working as a distinguished teacher and accompanist, currently at the Gustav Mahler Conservatory in Vienna, to further the careers of promising artists. As an Austrian, she is far more likely to greet visitors with a jovial "gruess gott" than with "ni hao."

The tradition is firmly established: Every year she engages prominent artists and specialists in areas such as stage direction and vocal technique to prepare specially selected soloists for concerts in such renowned venues as the Kaisersaal or the Boesendorfer-Saal, events that have proven stepping stones to great careers. The finest performers can expect to appear on stage in China several weeks later, accompanied by the symphony orchestra of the Chinese National Opera in Beijing.

This year, the stepping stone to the big performance in Beijing is located here in Berlin – please judge for yourselves whose star will rise to world prominence in the future. We will hear the prizewinning multi-talented soprano Yvonne JI with bravura arias such as that of the Queen of the Night, as well as soprano Yang JIAO and mezzosoprano Ge SONG with a breathtaking string of musical pearls ranging from famous baroque oratorios and romantic songs to the Viennese operetta "Die Fledermaus."

Fans of the sensational pianist Lang LANG are in for a big surprise: the young pianist Dan ZHOU, who studied with the same professor as Lang LANG, will render the famous sonata "Appassionata" and one of Franz Liszt's "unplayable" etudes in a way that may let you revise your standards of musical excellence!

The delights of exquisite Austrian wine during intermission will titillate our palates and prepare us for the crowning finale – but remember that the ART CENTER BERLIN also holds attractions in store for you with exhibitions of fine art in all six stories, which will remain open for you until 10 pm!

We look forward to your coming, but we recommend that you take advantage of the limited number of reserved seats! In anticipation of an unforgettable evening with the "rising stars", we remain
the three organizing teams

LSC EuroBusiness GmbH
Cultural Association NICE e.V.
YiChen Veranstaltungen KEG Vienna

and yours truly,
Ingo Bathow

Always on duty, he is collecting interesting news items for you.
Please send us an e-mail if you have an important event or topic on which you would like him to write a report.
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