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The year of the monkey promises to become a very special year, particularly for me, according to my Chinese friends, as I was born in the year of the monkey. But in my opinion it will become a fantastic year for NICE, too. I am delighted to hear every time how fast you’re making progress and what new possibilities are opening up.
I am just sitting in one of the few internet-bars of Lhasa, in the heart of Tibet. After returning from Germany, I successfully completed my semester in Jinan. Immediately afterwards I went on this long-awaited, extraordinary journey. Four days ago I arrived here in Lhasa after an adventurous trip by train and Volkswagen Santana. In one week, I am setting out for the east of Tibet, and I will fly back via Chengdu to Jinan.
I am referring to the Asst. Director of the Office of Foreign Affairs of Shandong Province (freely translated). We are meeting again on February 18th and 19th. I will then relate further details. I would love to write the Jinan adventure-report you mentioned, but that, too, will be possible only in March at the earliest

With kind regards from the most breathtaking part of China,

Moritz Weigel

(sent on 27 Jan 2004,

translated from the original German)

Always on duty, he is collecting interesting news items for you.
Please send us an e-mail if you have an important event or topic on which you would like him to write a report.
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Our NICE-Correspondent Moritz Weigel wrote to us from Tibet: