Michail Tschernjavski was born in southern Belarus in 1953.

From 1976 to1983 he studied at the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in the Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg, in the painting class of Prof. Ugarov.

After his graduation from the Art Academy, he began his period of artistic creativity which remains uninterrupted to the present day. From 1983 onward, he became widely known to the Russian public. The Art Museum, Wolgograd, Russia, acquired for its collection a picture from his first exhibition. In 1989, the Ministry of Culture acquired his painting „At the Moika River“ for the permanent exhibition in Moscow. This picture is one of the first works in the style to which he has remained faithful for years and in which he is working even today.

1995 Member of the Artists’ Union, St. Petersburg

Since 1997 M. Tschernjavski has been living and working in Germany.


His Cross

Personal Exhibitions:

1997 State Bank (Landesbank), Landshut, Germany

1998 Goethe-Institute, Munich

1999 ART-99, Geneva, Switzerland

ART-Innsbruck-99, Austria

ART-Salzburg-99, Austria

2000 Art-Fair, Palm Springs, California

2003 Galerie J&L Fortak, Berlin

The pictures will remain on display until 30th March 2005.